Best Place to Retire in Thailand

by | Mar 29, 2020

Best Place to Retire in Thailand

Best Place to Retire in Thailand. Over the past decade, Pattaya has flourished and continues to expand into one of the worlds most popular retirement destinations with more choice in terms of budget, locations and variety of styles that you will find anywhere in Southeast Asia.

Moving to Pattaya

Pattaya is a city in a great location. Bangkok is 2 hours away with the main international airport connecting you to other parts of Thailand and the rest of the world. The islands are close by and we have the countryside at our doorsteps. Why would you want to retire anywhere else? Here are 3 reasons why to buy a condo in Pattaya, Thailand for retirees and plans moving to Pattaya.

Affordability: Pattaya is exceptionally affordable due to its low cost of living without giving up on quality of life. With the Thai currency exchange rate as it is, the American dollar can be stretched further in Thailand than in many other countries.

Its real estate market is the best value for your money you will find. You can easily sell your home in your country and buy a luxurious condo in Pattaya with a beach view, located close to markets, bars, shopping malls or markets, Thai and European foods. Or you can choose a condo in a quieter area it is up to you.

Retire in Thailand

And yes, foreigners wanting to retire to Thailand can own their own condo and live here under a retirement visa without working just relax and enjoy the spenders of life. Normally when retiring people are on a fixed income and where else to live for less but gain astronomically in your quality of life in your golden years. The average person can live the life of a king as they say on approximately 1500.00USD monthly and still own your own condominium in paradise. It is safe to say that it is 30-40% cheaper than living in the US. Rents are 56% cheaper than the US.

Retirement in Thailand for Foreigners

Climate: Pattaya offers beautiful tropical temperatures, so why not live that holiday lifestyle all year around! As we get older our bodies are more sensitive to the colder weathers, you can feel the cold inside your bones. Many people move to warmer climates because the warmth caresses their bones and joints, eliminating the aches and pains that is the most bothersome aspects of getting older. The condominium lifestyle also caters to retirees offering facilities (Gyms, sauna’s, pools and even Yoga) to keep retirees active year around. Pattaya caters to everyone’s taste. You will never be bored with its array of golf courses, water sports, excellent beaches close by and of course all the nightlife that you could ever wish for, A retirement in Thailand for foreigners.

Healthcare: Pattaya’s health care is world class and plenty of hospitals cater to the needs of its foreign retirees. Health care and Health insurance are also much more affordable than in many countries. From live in maids to home care Pattaya has it all. Thailand is not only a popular tourist tropical destination but one of the best investment locations in Asia. Pattaya City investment infrastructure is booming. Getting your own property or having holiday home is a brilliant idea. If you’re in Pattaya COME and visit our office. We’ll be happy to give you a tour with all of our projects and give you FULL INFORMATION about the benefit you could get for your secure future!

Thailand Retirement Homes Pattaya

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