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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

One of the most pleasurable of pastimes must surely be relaxing over a cup of the dark stuff, namely coffee, and just musing about things to come or catching up with the news of the day in the tabloids.

There is something ultimately comforting, seeing the wisps of steam emanating from the mug containing fresh brewed Java, whilst the rich but bitter aroma wafts in the air like like an exotic adult air freshener.

Coffee has its place in all our daily lives, whether you prefer a skinny latte or a strong double espresso there is something for everybody. Over the past few years random health bodies have been sticking their noses in and telling us that drinking too much caffeine is bad for us, but is this really true?

Does coffee present a problem to our health or does it do more good than harm?

We set about trying to find out more about this conundrum and unearthed some surprising facts about our favourite brew.

According to a study made in 2005 in America, coffee provides us with more antioxidants than nearly any other source, agreed that fruits and vegetables contain high levels of antioxidants, but it seems that the human body absorbs the most from coffee.

It is a definite fact that “going for a coffee” has great benefits for releasing stress. Everything involved with the action is full of good features, from contacting a friend to join you, to deciding which coffee shop to visit, it is a most pleasurable experience. Not to mention the incredible taste from a freshly brewed arabica.

Uniquely Happy Experience

A coffee shop is a uniquely happy experience, the liveried baristas whistling as they practise their dark art, whilst the magic coffee machine hisses and percolates, the heady aroma of latte’s and cappuccino’s and the inticing whiff of recently baked sumptuous patisseries emanating from the bakery. Whilst the buzz of excitement from expectant patrons with mouth drooling and the clatter of the kitchen staff as they prepare the crocks for the next customers, where else would you get such drama for a drink?

A further study in 2006 discovered that people that drink at least one cup of coffee a day were 20% less likely to develop liver cirrhosis. The originator of the study said, “Consuming coffee seems to have some protective benefits against alcohol cirrhosis. Drinking coffee the “morning after” definitely helps the head, but the study shows that it is even more beneficial than that.

Even CNN claim that coffee allows your brain to work in a much more efficient way and smarter, that probably explains all the completed crosswords in the corner of Mezzo Coffee! 

No matter what all the surveys and studies show, the fact remains that having a coffee is not just like having a coke or something. It is a total experience, you have to take time out to do it and that is the beauty of the whole thing. It disrupts your day for something more….well should we say, worthwhile.