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We’re all looking forward to the holidays whether a short one or a long weekend getaway by yourself or with family. It’s always best to be well prepared for a stress-free holiday.

Make sure to double-check your items and the paperwork at hand. HERE ARE SOME USEFUL TIPS TO CONSIDER BEFORE TRAVELING TO THAILAND

1. PASSPORT AND VISA: When travelling to Thailand or any other country you must have valid identification. Before you travel make sure your passport is up to date and valid for more than six months ahead of your travels. Upon entering Thailand your passport will be stamped. This stamp is a Visa. A Visa is an endorsement that you are allowed to enter, leave or stay for a specific amount of time in a specific country. Thailand does give a minimum of 30 days visa upon entering the country with a valid passport and you will need to show your itinerary as proof of exiting the country. Visa requirements can change at a moment’s notice it is always good to check with the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs when planning your trip. Make sure you are aware of your visa timeline because you do not want to overstay. If you overstay a short time you will have to pay a daily fee for each day you overstayed so be aware of this. It is also safe to keep a copy of your passport aside just in case.

2. COPY YOUR PASSPORT: It is actually a law in Thailand, you can get arrested if an officer stops you and you can’t show your passport, whether it’s the original one or a copy. But for safety purposes keep a copy on your person at all times. This is also a good practice just in case your original passport is lost or stolen.


3. BEST TIME TO VISIT THAILAND: Thailand is a tropical destination so you can travel there at any time of the year and enjoy hot temperatures and sunshine. But the time when the humidity is at its lowest is from November to February this is the time most foreigners travel to Thailand. This season is the busiest time of the year. March to May period with its lower rates is considered shoulder season with higher humidity levels. But do not get discouraged this is a wonderful time to visit Thailand. The rainy season is considered to be from July to the end of October and this is the best season to book your holiday home Thailand . But by normal many foreigners travel also during this time. Thailand is magical anytime you want to visit.

4. CURRENCY: It is always smart to educate yourself on the currency of any country you plan to visit. Thailand’s currency is called Baht. For Americans, the currency exchange is approximately 30.00bht to $1.00. This is not for all country’s so know your exchange rate to be prepared.

5.KNOW CUSTOMS: You can start off by keeping in mind following their traditional greeting: It is done by putting your hands together and doing a slight bow. It is just a small act, but it can go a long way to show respect for Thailand’s culture. You should also learn common Thai phrases. When you go inside a house or temple, always remember to take your shoes off. Also, make sure not to touch anybody’s head for the head is considered sacred. And never point your feet at anyone since they consider it as the dirtiest body part.


6. KEEPING CONNECTED: Most bars, restaurants and hotels all have Wi-Fi for your internet access and this will help you stay connected with your different social media apps. But Thailand has several easy to access Sim Cards for Thailand  Tourist at inexpensive prices just in case you need a little extra security for calling. This will by far not be a problem. There are 7-Eleven stores on every block of every city that caries these.

7. THINGS TO BRING WHEN COMING TO THAILAND: Thailand is your tropical destination. Full of fun in the sun. Bring your favourite flip flops, swimsuit and summer wear and don’t forget the sunscreen for you will not need cold weather clothing here. Pack your essentials and don’t worry anything you forget will be easy to find even in Thailand at very inexpensive prices.

8.TRAVEL SECURITY: Is it safe to travel there? Well yes, it is. There are and will always be horror stories on the internet but with Thailand being one of the most sought-after countries for travellers it does not get this reputation for being the most dangerous place to travel. Thailand and the Thai people are very spiritual and calming. You can feel assured you will have peace of mind and feel free you may never want to leave back to the hustle and bustle of your regular life. Thailand is truly a tropical paradise.

9. TRANSPORTATION: Transportation in Thailand comes in many forms. From, (taxis, busses, trains, motorbikes, to Tuk-Tuk) All are inexpensive forms of transportation. You can also access the search engine of 12Go Asia. This can also assist you in the type of transportation you will need to get from one place to another. But by normal travelling within any city, Tuk-Tuk or Motorbike taxis are more commonly used. In Thailand, there is no shortage of transportation. Many people that live in Thailand more often opt for one of the public transportations instead of buying their own automobile due to their accessibility and the fact they are again very inexpensive.

10. FOODS: Thai cuisine whether you are enjoying your authentic meal from the Thai street vendors or in any one of the Thai restaurants are well known for its spiciness. But never worry if you are not able to handle the spice just let your chef know easy about the spice. The secret to Thai food is a balance of five flavours: sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy. Some Thai dishes have a careful blend of all these tantalizing tastes. Thailand also caters to our foreign travellers who still want any number of other delicacies as in American or any number of other European foods. So do not worry you will never go hungry in Thailand. You can find something you like with every step you take.


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