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Transportation In Thailand

Getting around Thailand does have its problems as there is no real nationwide rail network and some of the roads leave a lot to be desired. To offset this internal flights are extremely cheap and connect most of the big cities and large towns.

Road Network

In the main, the motorways or highways of Thailand are of a good standard and travelling by road is the most popular of getting from A to B in the kingdom. It should be noted that Thai driving is not of a high standard and there are many road accidents on the highways on a daily basis. Most people travel by bus or minivan, as this is the cheapest way to get around. There are many reputable, private companies such as Glassflower Travel in Pattaya, where group transportation can be chartered at very reasonable rates. Some of the major highways do have toll booths, and therefore there is a cost of using them. In return they are normally of a far greater standard than the link routes and are well lit.


The Thailand rail network is not either extensive or particularly well run. The old rolling stock does not offer comfort and often the seating is old wooden benches. Add to this that the timetable is rarely kept to and trains are often late. The bonus is that if you are not on a strict schedule than this transportation mode is extremely cheap.


Getting around Thailand by Air is by far the most efficient, safest and reliable way. Local carriers such as Nok Air and Air Asia have an extensive network that connects most of the big towns and cities. These frequent flights are extremely cheap, and most of the Thai population does not think twice of hopping on a plane to go somewhere. Compared to internal flights in Europe the cost is a fraction of the price and the service is just as good. More regional airports such as U-Tapao in Pattaya are extending their capacity and capabilities to open up even more destinations within the kingdom. These are often military bases that local authorities has seen the commercial possibilities of.

Local Transport

Each Thai town seems to have its own version of what is considered public transport. Outside of Bangkok with its BRT and MRT systems, there is little or no city or government public transport system. Most towns rely on a private minibus / songthaew system for people to get around. These are licenced by the public authorities but the type of transport varies greatly. There are no actual bus stops, instead flagging these local buses down wherever and whenever you see one, is the best way to get on board. The Thai transportation system is a little disjointed, but seems to work very efficiently just the same. One of the reasons that the Global Top Group select their locations is for the easy accessibility of the local transportation system in Pattaya.