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Top Attractions In Pattaya – Sriracha Tiger Zoo

The diverse attractions that are in the greater Pattaya area are many and quite unique. The importance of the many attractions bring a great number of tourists to the region and help the economy immensely. Tourists obviously visit, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels etc and spend much needed currency to local tradespeople. Some visitors like their Pattaya experience so much they decide to relocate and stay, which is a great boost to the real estate market and condominium owners. One of the best attractions especially popular with tourists is the Sriracha Tiger Zoo, located on the main highway between Pattaya and Bangkok. Since it first opened in 1997, the zoo has seen 10 million visitors pour through its doors.

400 Royal Bengal Tigers

Sriracha Tiger Zoo is home to over 400 Royal Bengal tigers, the majestic beasts are definitely the stars of the show, but there are many other attractions to see also. Witness the dangerous and wild crocodile show, the hilarious intelligence and antics of the pigs in their own performance and other great shows including everybody’s favourite, elephant riding. One of the more bizarre attractions / persons for visitors is to say hello to the Scorpion Queen, a glamorous young lady who has a fatal attraction to the predatory arachnids. Beware it is not for the faint of heart and especially not for people who dislike creepy crawlies. Scorpions crawl all over the young lady’s body and cover her with a menacing black mass of moving danger. Just as terrifying is feeding time for the crocodiles, and the famous crocodile show. These huge prehistoric reptiles are native to parts of Asia and are one of the most deadly predators in the world. The show is quite staggering, and has to be seen to be believed, their handlers have an immense skill to avoid serious injury.

Magnificent Beasts

The stars of the show are without doubt the majestic Bengal Tigers, no less dangerous than the crocodiles or scorpions, but they seem less intimidating somehow. Perhaps because you are immediately drawn to the beauty of the beasts and their regal demeanor. To see such magnificent beasts so close is quite awe inspiring, although one does wonder if they might be better off living in their natural habitat. Sriracha Tiger Zoo offer a shuttle bus service between most major hotels in Pattaya to their facility. An extra service also includes limited packages;, including entrance, transportation and meal. If numbers are sufficient then visiting parties can actually choose their favourite cuisine from, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Indian and Western. The Zoo is certainly a place for the whole family to spend a day, the different shows and attractions are well worth the money and will certainly produce entertainment that you probably have never seen before. If you are not too squeamish, why not try some crocodile meat at the restaurant to take back lasting memories of your perfect day out.