by | May 7, 2020

Why bother getting a Thai driver license you might think? There are good reasons for obtaining either a motor bike, car or both licenses.

  • If you intend to drive in Thailand then a Thai license is preferred. Only with a Thai license, you will be able to apply full coverage insurance to your vehicle.
  • A government issued license is also considered a legal document for your identity here in Thailand.

For Expats: planning to live and drive in Thailand, it is mandatory to have a Thai drivers license, however international drivers’ licenses are accepted. The minimum age for driving in Thailand is 18.

If you would like to have fully comprehensive insurance it’s easier if you have a Thai driver license as some policies state in the small print, “full coverage only applies to Thai License holders.” Having a Thai drivers license proves that you’re not a tourist and less likely to be taken advantage of should you get stopped by the police.

Thai driver’s license, (a legal government document) are very useful and helpful in our daily lives such as entering any kind of hotel, company or a government premises, night clubs that requires identification. It is also acceptable for foreigners sending remittance to their home country. This is due to the fact that being a legal document you may also use it in place of your passport for your identity.

Convenient additions of having a Thai drivers license is that you can enter most of the Thai parks and Zoo’s not to mention other attractions and pay the same as Thais. For Instance, foreigners holding a Thai driver’s license and entering the Sriracha Zoo will pay an entrance fee of 250 THB instead of the 400 THB foreigners would pay.

For Divers License requirements click on the link below:

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