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Islands Pattaya

The Islands Of Pattaya

It is without doubt that the islands just off Pattaya’s coast are a big attraction to tourists from all over the world. Whilst Pattaya is a haven for shoppers, party goers, golfers and every other manner of attraction seekers and event goers, the laid back and tranquil islands within easy reach of the city bring people in their hoards to the Eastern Seaboard. The islands are also a reason why foreigners and bangkokians wish to buy property in many of the exciting developments that the Global Top Group has to offer. Locals and tourists alike can take advantage of the superb diving opportunities in the waters off the coast, and enjoy the deserted sandy beaches together with the crystal clear waters. Getting to the islands is relatively easy, the inhabited ones have regular ferry services from Bali Hai pier, the others can be reached by charter boat.

Koh Larn

Coral Island or Koh Larn is the most popular and largest of the islands. Many charter tours include a trip to Koh Larn as an option when booking a holiday to Pattaya. There is plenty of accommodation on the island and a few small restaurants obviously specialising in seafood. You will find the island quiet at night, with only a handful of bars, most people stay on Koh Larn for a getaway short break from the noisy city. There are six main beaches with plenty of activities to keep even the most active sunseeker amused, including jet ski, banana boat rides, snorkelling, paragliding etc.

Koh Rin

Koh Rin is locally known as Gnat Island and is a tiny piece of paradise that has stunning beaches, warm aqua blue water and some stunning corals to explore. Koh Rin is very popular with divers and snorkelers and there is even a resident family of sea turtles to play with. Once the island is part of the Thai Navy’s gunnery range but it is perfectly safe.

Koh Klet Kaew

Koh Klet Kaew, otherwise known as Monkey Island is a tiny, jungle covered, island that is famous for its resident large population of macaque monkeys, who survive on the local crabs. The island is situated just off the coast of Sattahip and is reached by charter out of Ocean Marina Yacht Club. The monkey colony has grown so large that the local crabs have to be supplemented by food from tourists together with regular provisions by the Thai Navy. The monkeys are so used to tourists you might even see them swimming out to meet your boat to greet you. Make sure you bring bananas, nuts or their favourite watermelons. The islands off Pattaya and the coast of the Eastern Seaboard are a real surprise to many visitors. Pattaya’s main reputation is for city fun, with some great beaches. However, the islands bring an extra dimension to Pattaya’s attraction, a place to get away from the crowds and enjoy idyllic Thailand at its very best.