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September 24, 2017
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The Important Factors In Choosing A Rental Condo In Thailand

If you are moving to Thailand or considering a long holiday in the kingdom, then one of your first duties will be to find suitable accommodation.


Whether you are hoping to live in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket or Chiang Mai,the basic principles remain the same. The only main difference between the cities is that you will find that accommodation in the capital will be more expensive.


The easy way of actually renting a condo is by going to a real estate agent or a large developer such as the Global Top Group that rents out clients properties on their behalf.


Often word of mouth can save you money, but this rather depends on you first meeting people that have the relevant knowledge. Firstly in your housing quest you must establish a sensible and affordable budget and stick to it.


Once you have done this then consider the other elements: furnishings, size of unit, location, utility rates, communal WiFi, facilities of building and security, as all these factors will have an impact on your budget.


Rough Price Guide

Although prices vary from location to location, you can expect to roughly pay the following per month:


  • USD 80 – 120 will get you a very small studio with bathroom, and sparsely furnished.
  • USD 140 – 300 in this range you can expect a one bedroom unit around 50sqm.
  • USD 310 – 550 will possibly get you a two bedroomed fully furnished apartment and perhaps with a separate kitchen. The building will also have good amenities.
  • USD 580 – 1000 this is close to an entire monthly salary in Thailand so you can expect good things. A modern development with good amenities and a large fully furnished apartment.


Utility Rates in Thailand

Some more unscrupulous landlords offer cheaper rents than market pricing, and are able to do this by charging exorbitant prices for utilities.


The amount you pay for water and electricity in Thailand differs slightly on the location, but there are standard government rates that should be charged. The owners of buildings can charge their tenants more or less what they want, so be very sure that the rate is agreed before you sign any documents. There has been a recent increase in government rates but you should not pay more than around 5 baht per K/W.

Facilities In Condominiums

The amenities in your condo building can directly affect the cost of your unit and the quality of your life. Facilities such as a gymnasium, pool, restaurants, laundry high speed lifts, fast WiFi can all add to your comfort and save you money by not having to join fitness clubs etc.


What Furnishings Can You Expect For Your Money

The old adage of “you get what you pay for” is very true in renting a condo unit. If you choose to opt for a new high-end condominium development then you can expect the best in comfort with luxury furniture and fittings.


Most apartments in Thailand, even at the real budget end, will have some furniture included. But it is very rare that units around the USD 300 range will have a kitchen. You may get a refrigerator, microwave, table, chairs and sofa, TV, sink and cabinets. Your choice of condo may come down to as something as small as superior furnishings and a nicer living environment.