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Best Beaches in Pattaya

The Best Beaches in Pattaya

The Global Top Group painstakingly choose the best possible locations for their developments. A mixture of criteria is used to pick the desired locale and a combination of amenities, transport connections, and natural beauty are all taken into account when deciding where to develop real estate. One of the resources many investors like to place their money into is beach developments and The Global Top Group have many beachside condominiums to choose from. With this in mind we decided to highlight some of the best beaches in Pattaya.

Wongamat Beach

Wongamat Beach is part of the Naklua Beach area and is found to the north of downtown Pattaya. The beaches in this part of Greater Pattaya are amongst the finest in the area probably second only to those on the offshore islands. It really is a jewel of a beach, that is nestling in a crescent shaped bay. The beach is quieter than many in Pattaya and although the sand is quite coarse it is clean and picturesque. If you arrive early enough you can still catch the fishermen taking their boats out for a day’s fishing as there is still very much a feeling of village life here. The local shops and restaurants sell fresh seafood and local produce and less tourist tat that can be found elsewhere.

Cosy Beach

Cosy Beach is located in the trendy Pratumnak area of Pattaya, and is definitely suited for people who prefer the quieter beach scene. In recent years Cosy beach area has been highly sought after for investors in property due to the bijou atmosphere, quaint cafe culture and superb dining available. The actual beach is a little gem, often deserted and has very few of the associated tourist gift shops and hawkers.

Jomtien Beach

Once just paddy fields, but with the growth of Pattaya’s hinterland Jomtien Beach is now a long thriving beach area. It is roughly 3km from Pattaya and is gathering great popularity as it is more laid-back and congested than central Pattaya. Jomtien beach has recently been updated with a new promenade and coastal pathway. You can relax on a beach lined with coconut palm trees, swim, play and much more. Jomtien beach is also famous for water sports. There are numerous restaurants and beachside bars plus tourist and souvenir shops. A great place to take the family for a fun day out.

Dongtan Beach

Found at the southern end of Jomtien beach you can find Dongtan beach. Dongtan beach is quieter than its big brother and is cut off from traffic during the day. A beautiful tree lined path runs the length of Dongtan beach past Pattaya Park right up to Pratumnak beach. The path is littered with quaint restaurants who will deliver freshly cooked food to your sunbed as you relax. Part of Dongtan beach is very popular with gay residents and tourists who help add colour and flavour to the bohemian atmosphere. Pattaya is known for crowded beaches packed with tourists and beach hawkers, but using a little guile and public transport you can find great places to get away from the crowd.