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The Best Areas In Pattaya To Buy Property

Pattaya has seven distinct areas that divide the seaside city: Central Pattaya South Pattaya Pratumnak North Pattaya, Naklua and Wong Amat Jomtien, Na Jomtien Baan Amphur, Bangsaray East Pattaya Strictly speaking only the central part of Pattaya is actually formally called Pattaya, which was the name of the former fishing village.

Central Pattaya

If you wish to purchase a condo that is basically city living then it is the central region you should look at. Here all the entertainment, nightlife, restaurants and shopping that Pattaya is famous for is situated. Possibly not the best area for relaxation but definitely where all the action is, condos such as Olympus City Garden and City Garden Tower would be ideal to look at. Condos that are based in Central Pattaya generally are much sought after and hold their value extremely well, plus have great rental potential.

South Pattaya

South Pattaya is basically a working area inhabited by many Thais and some expats. Not much in the way of tourist attractions exist here, but there are many offices and local businesses for those not on holiday. South Pattaya is a bit lower down on the investment scale, however there are some new developments bucking the trend.


Pratumnak Hill is a highly desirable area for investment, luxury developments such as The Cloud have high ROI’s and rental capabilities. Pratumnak has a very bohemian atmosphere and is the most green area in Pattaya, because of the elevation it also has stunning city views and also views of Koh Larn.

North Pattaya

Naklua and Wongamat have some of the finest beaches in Pattaya, overall the the whole area still has a village feel to it where high rise condos are kept to a minimum. Some of the most exclusive hotels in Pattaya are located here which reflects upon the standard of condominium developments. Paradise Ocean View condominium development is located here, and has private beach access and wonderful coastal views. Perhaps the area is not for younger people as it is a far more laid back place, but as investment potential that is another matter entirely.

Jomtien & Najomtien

Jomtien is where most of the real estate development is taking place at the moment. It is a real hot-bed of investment and where many developers are building projects. With many classy bars, restaurants and long sandy beaches it is not surprising this area is highly desired. Since the Jomtien Second Road has been built the transport network in the area has been greatly enhanced. This means a trip to downtown Pattaya can take as little as ten minutes.

Baan Amphur & Bangsaray

These areas are the furthest from the centre of Pattaya, but as the expansion of development has pushed outwards towards quieter and more serene areas, they are becoming popular. The beaches and natural surroundings are unspoiled and peace and quiet is order of the day here.

East Pattaya

East Pattaya has little in the way of condo developments, but the darkside is developing rapidly as a place to live. Prices for villas and houses here are considerably cheaper than in other areas of Pattaya and it is home to some of the best golf courses around. As with any investment, location is key. Whether you take a gamble on an upcoming area or take a more costly but certain bet the decision is yours. Basically it all depends on what sort of lifestyle you desire and the rate of return on investment you require.