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Thailand’s Rich History Of Massage

One of the biggest attractions for many visitors to Thailand is to enjoy a Traditional Thai massage. The ancient art is both relaxing and has many health benefits which is why Thai’s and foreigners enjoy the treatment is so much. The Global Top Developments are situated in parts of the city that have excellent local amenities including top massage treatments.

The History of Thai Massage

The history of Thai massage goes back over two and a half thousand years, and is heavily influenced by the ancient Indian Ayurvedic medical traditions, and is practiced by both Hindu and Buddhist religions. The practice focus heavily on pressure points and blood circulation, promoting more flexibility of the muscles.

The Benefits of Thai Massage

Thai massage is extremely beneficial in many ways, it utilises gentle pressure on the body’s energy lines and stretching similar to yoga to help relax the whole body on a deeper level. This deep relaxation improves the person’s general demeanor, and helps the general emotional level. It has been proven to aid deep sleep giving the individual more rest and feeling refreshed in the morning. This reduction in stress levels is highly beneficial to people with busy lifestyles, and the slow movements of the massage allow the body, mind and spirit to slow down.

What Is Involved

The massage uses general yoga techniques amongst others to enhance a person’s flexibility allowing for a greater overall range of motion. This then offers a greater range of motion and flexibility which in turn reduces muscle stress and strain, this can help trips and accidental falls. The masseur uses elbows, feet, knees and forearms to execute certain manipulations. Deep stretching is also a key element to this sort of massage. The masseur rollins limbs and gently rocks the individual to realign the energies in the body. Different amounts of pressure are given to the energy lines along the body in accordance with the Ayurvedic principles in order to balance the individual’s energy. A Traditional Thai massage will help to level out blood pressure which can be extremely beneficial in later life. The massage also enhances the circulatory system, it increases the circulation in the body. With this increase more oxygen will reach the brain. This helps to lower headaches and migraines and can help prevents serious medical conditions such as blood clots and strokes. After a massage people often feel that they can think clearer but this may be a by-product of just feeling better.

Foot Massage

Many massage parlours specialise in foot massage. This massage uses the ancient methods of Chinese reflexology points to also relieve stress, tension and pain throughout the entire body. The biggest benefit of a proper foot massage is the positive effect it has on internal organs and overall health. Thailand is one of the best places in the world to experience a massage, the experience and skill of the masseurs are second to none. It is also available at a highly advantageous cost, far cheaper than western spas.