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Teddy Bear Museum – Pattaya Attractions

One of the reasons that make Pattaya have so much allure to visitors across the globe is the large number of quality tourist attractions that grace the city. A growing number of some of the most innovative and state-of-the-art attractions in the whole of Asia are right here in Pattaya for both residents and visitors to enjoy. One of the most recent is the Teddy Bear Museum right in the heart of the city on Beach Road. The museum opened in 2014 and it was the creative mind of Korean Mr Kim Hyun Choi of Korea who envisaged such an enterprise.

Teddy Bear Museum

Mr Choi saw the almost endemic pastime of many Asians to take the obligatory “Selfie” whenever and wherever they go out. So it was his mission to provide an unique location for the ideal selfie. The Teddy Bear Museum is also known locally as Teddy Island is a truly original concept, slightly baffling but an extraordinary great family-friendly experience. There is an estimated 1,000 cuddly teddy bears and other associated furry friends that take the visitor on a journey through various different zones and world locations. The journey’s philosophy is that the visitor joins the bears on an all encompassing treasure hunt, which is surprisingly long, and depending on photo stops can take easily three hours from start to finish.

The Zones

Your journey with the bears follows a trail that enters twelve different themed zones, of history, geography, and fairytale. In each zone the bears have appropriate costumes and form cute and perfect tableau’s perfect for that holiday selfie to remember your day. The first zone is the Inca Zone and has the little furry creatures climbing up distinctive triangular pyramids of the ancient civilisation. Moving through to the Dinosaur Zone, a two metre tall T-Rex is surprisingly being cuddled by numerous bears. The Fossil Zone takes the journey back to the present day, and depicts the descendants of the dino-cuddler bears digging through the relics of the past. The fourth stop is the Africa Zone, and many cute tribal-hunt bears are wielding spears and other assorted weapons to amusingly startle the intrepid traveller. One of the most original of the zones is the Eskimo Zone, where there is a definite drop in temperature and all the polar teddies are at their cutest wearing their cuddly winter jackets. The tenth zone is one of the largest and most popular zones in the museum. The Fairytale Zone invites the treasure hunter to interact and engage, and is perfect for younger hunters to play on the slides in this perfect imaginary world. The Teddy Bear Museum offers Pattaya something different, it is not just a small toy shop specialising in teddy bears, it is a colossal fun experience that will entertain young and old for hours. The Global Top Group have stunning inner city condominium locations that take full advantage of all the attractions that Pattaya has to offer, so you have a wide choice of selection to suit everybody.