Global Top Group Property Services



At Global Top Group we appreciate that delivering outstanding developments is a small part of a bigger picture, and with a leading property developer comes a leading after sales and support service. Whether you are buying Pattaya property to live in or to rent out, you are able to take advantage of the experience and knowledge of our after sales and support teams in both our Bangkok and Pattaya offices.


We are concerned with creating long-lasting relations with our customers worldwide through the utmost transparency and trust; you can expect an efficient and customer-oriented approach to our support services. Our projects are maintained all year-round so you can be confident in the continuous quality of your Pattaya condo as it appreciates over time, whether it is you living there or your tenant.

At Global Top Group we have invested heavily in our rental team, as well as the services and software that allows them to do their job and to do it right – that is to ensure the highest rates of Pattaya property occupancy year-round . From the fact that our team speaks the ten languages of our core customer base to the specialized, proprietary software built and used by us, local and international investors can be confident that their investment is in safe hands.

We are always looking for creative and constructive ways in which to keep our current and future customers apprised of the latest happenings here at Global Top Group and Pattaya. Whether you prefer the traditional telephone and email, or the modern instant messaging and social media services, you can be confident that you can contact us whichever way is the most convenient for you. We also broadcast our own television channel and publish our own monthly magazine that covers our Pattaya condos.

Global Top Group not only offers great projects but also the best service and support, our customers know they have invested with the best Pattaya property developer.