Condo Rental Management Services from Global Top Group



As a leading Pattaya property developer, we are proud to provide one of the most tailored real estate rental programs which covers all of our condominiums. If our investors so choose, we can take care of everything related to the rental of their investment, irrespective of what Global Top Group project they chose to invest in.

The rental team manages the day to day business requirements regarding "buy to rent", and this removes the burden from the owner. Everything is handled in house by our team, from cleaning and laundry to maintenance and repair, we will ensure that every part of your Pattaya property is maintained to the highest of standards.

Our team speaks the languages of our core tenant base and uses specialized, proprietary software built by Global Top Group over many years. We are able to talk to potential tenants in their mother-tongue and manage the rental transactions digitally from start to finish. This, as well as our online rental listings , allow us to work together with our investors to rent out their Pattaya condo all year round.

The whole program works very well, especially for international property investors who are unable to be in Thailand the whole time; both the owners "and their tenants" feedback is very positive. We believe that this is one of the many motives why our customers continue to invest with Global Top Group, you purchase your Pattaya condo, authorize the rental team to manage your property and relax whilst you wait for your income to arrive at the bank account of your choosing.