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Pattaya Schools and Education

Thailand has free public schooling that is guaranteed to all Thai citizens. At present the first nine years of primary and secondary education are compulsory, with six years of primary education and three years of lower secondary (age 6-15). Students wishing to continue their studies beyond this can complete a further three years of upper secondary education. In certain cities such as Bangkok and Pattaya, there is a large demand for international schools to teach both foreign and Thai students.

The growth of Pattaya of Pattaya as a home for many expats working in the city, combined by the influx of international companies on the Eastern Seaboard has fueled a great demand for international schools. Often the state education system cannot cope with these students for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is that many of these students are already in the middle of their studies of an international standard curriculum. To cope with this ever increasing demand, a growing number of top class international schools have been established to offer the type of learning required.
Thai Regulations

Extensive regulations control the operating of international schools in the kingdom. These regulations require foreign education providers to partner with a registered Thai institution of education with at least 51% Thai ownership. Nearly all of foreign students are self funding, but there is a scholarship system that operates from Thai and foreign businesses. Schools affiliated to universities tend to be the most sought after, and students wishing to attend are required to sit strict entrance examinations.
Schools In Pattaya

There are excellent international schools to choose from in Pattaya, and the Global Top Group select their development locations to be close to such establishments. For instance City Garden Olympus is only a stone’s throw from Aksorn Pattaya School. Other top schools in the area are: and St Andrews International School, The International School Eastern Seaboard,and Regents International School.
St. Andrews International School

St. Andrews has a spectacular location, based in the lush Green Valley area close to Rayong. The campus is not far from Pattaya City, and two hours from Bangkok. The school caters for up to 500 students ranging from 2-18 year olds. This enables the class sizes to be small with many students getting individual teacher attention. St Andrews is part of the Cognita group, which is an international organisation encompassing 60 schools in 7 different countries. St. Andrews is actually three schools, and has three different campuses: Green Valley, Sukhumvit and Sathorn. Combined with its academic prowess, the Green Valley school has a top sporting curriculum which centres around the huge playing fields. St. Andrews has a 25m swimming pool, basketball courts and an extensive library. The continuous education of your children when you move to Thailand, will be of the highest standard. It is one less thing you have to consider when relocating. Buying a condo with Global Top ensures that our knowledgeable staff can give you excellent advice in this direction.