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September 23, 2017
The Cloud Condominium Pattaya
The Cloud Condominium Pattaya
September 23, 2017
Pattaya Attraction

Pattaya Attractions

Pattaya, the jewel in the Eastern Seaboard crown and the entertainment capital of Thailand, has long been associated with fun and entertainment. Many factors contribute to Pattaya’s continued success of attracting tourists from all over the globe to its sandy shores. Many visitors return time and time again as they are besotted with what Pattaya has to offer and could not take everything in on one trip alone. The host of events and attractions, combined with the natural beauty of Pattaya make this seaside resort one of the most desirable locations in Thailand. The residents and visitors to Pattaya City can choose from a myriad of things to do and see, and we explore a couple of tantalising options in this Blog.


If you want to be a pirate for a day, scuba dive around exotic islands, perhaps go snorkeling or fishing, then Admirallica is definitely for you. Admirallica is a unique experience, a real themed Pirate galleon that is fun for the whole family. On board there are entertainers performing pirate shows, as well as many fun games, food and drink. It is also available for tourists group excursions, weddings, birthdays, corporate events etc.

The Islands

Many keen divers and scuba enthusiasts love to visit Pattaya as there is a plethora of islands ready to explore just off the coast, nestled in the Gulf of Thailand’s crystal clear aqua blue and warm waters, just minutes away from the resort. Koh Larn is the largest island and is simple to get to by public ferry, there are some stunning beaches and very welcoming boutique accommodation to enjoy a night’s stay. Koh Rin, Kok Sak, and Koh Phai are the pick of the islands for scuba diving, with some excellent coral and shipwrecks to be inspired by.

Cabaret Shows

Pattaya is home to possibly the best Ladyboy Cabaret shows in southeast Asia. Not to be confused with bawdy second class sex shows, the type of performances to be seen at Tiffany Show, The Coliseum and Alcazar are of world standard and indeed are highly respected by the relevant media critics. The standard of choreography, costumes, lighting, dancing, combined with the beauty and grace of the performers make an evening’s entertainment at one of the luxurious venues one to definitely be remembered. Tourists congregate from all over the globe to witness the glittering Broadway Type cabaret shows, and they are so popular that booking is normally essential.

Flight Of The Gibbon

Flight of the Gibbon is a fully immersive and totally unique rainforest experience.The company is the original and most trusted Zipline operator in Thailand and Asia. Flight of the Gibbon is located in the Khao Kheow Open Safari Park just outside Pattaya. Although the animals cannot be seen from the rides, there is a complementary Zoo Tram Tour as part of the flight experience which includes Gibbon Island, Savanna Zone, White Lions, Bears, Elephants, Rhinos, Giraffes and many more attractions. There is a combination of aerial Ziplines, abseiling, sky bridges and forest walks with some stations suspended high up above the valley floor. There is no doubt that Flight of the Gibbon is an exceptional experience, a certain degree of fitness is needed as it is a strenuous outdoor event, but well worth the effort as the forest vistas are exceptional. These four very different ideas are just some of the exciting and entertaining to see and do whilst staying in Pattaya