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September 24, 2017
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Now Is The Perfect Time To Invest In The Pattaya Real Estate Market

Many people around the Western world dream of getting away from it all and a less stressful life in tropical climates. As health concerns and a yearn to have a long happy retirement are becoming a high priority in many people’s lives, attentions are drawn to far flung places around the globe as possible new life destinations. For many years Thailand has become a favourite destination for such people who have decided to opt out of the rat race, and Pattaya in particular is a big favourite. It is not hard to see why. Pattaya has a perfect year round climate plus all the amenities that you would expect back at home. To meet demand Pattaya’s developers have built and are building some superb condominiums that not only offer fabulous lifestyles but really good investments.

Perfect Opportunity

Some experts believe that real estate and industry across the globe have been struggling since the stock market crash in 2008, and this uncertain time is the perfect opportunity to invest, and the real estate market in Pattaya is no exception. Right now is the perfect time to look around for a bargain, many developers are offering attractive deals to encourage investors to buy in their particular development. Because of the feisty competition: free furniture packages, guaranteed percentage returns, large discounts are all being touted, and buyers should take full advantage of such great offers. Developments such as Olympus City Garden by The Global Top Group, are offering a guaranteed 7% rental return on investment. They will also manage your condo during this period and find you short-term holiday rentals. Now is the perfect time to scour the Pattaya condo market and shop around for the best deals which are out there.

Affordable Property

We are definitely in the midst of a buyer’s market, and those people who are thinking of selling up back at home and move or retire to Pattaya find themselves in a unique position. Never has the Pattaya property market been so affordable. The choice of condominiums is also staggering, everything from beach front developments to city centre play pads. And as competition has increased the build quality and amenities being offered are of the highest calibre. Developments in areas such as Pratumnak Hill, Naklua, and Bangsaray have opened up the doors to a more gentle and peaceful lifestyle that is also close to the beach and plenty of international restaurants. But just far enough outside the city to offer a more laid back lifestyle. The real truth is that there has never been so much quality real estate at such great prices available in Pattaya. The choice is quite staggering: beachfront, city centre, large and small developments, luxury, affordable, and of most interest to buyers, now extremely affordable.