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September 24, 2017
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New Technology In Building

Global Top Group has been at the forefront of condominium development in Pattaya for over thirty five years. Using cutting edge design and build technologies to deliver some of the most outstanding real estate on the Eastern Seaboard. As new greener, innovative and improved building materials and techniques have developed, Global Top has fully embraced them and utilised them on their projects. As investors and potential homeowners look for the perfect dwelling they are constantly raising the bar in what they demand from a building. Many are concerned with green issues as well as the costs of upkeep and general running costs.

Smart Technology

The term Smart Home Technology has been bandied around for some time now, potential house buyers seek all the bells and whistles they have seen at their neighbours apartments. They want automatic temperature control, integrated entertainment systems, intelligent lighting, remote control of their dwelling space from portable devices and of course effective security. In the early days of such technologies it was really a case of boys toys for the affluent. Football stars would wow their guests by pressing the party mode button on their wall panel. Initiating a chain of computerised commands that would dim the lights, turn up the air conditioning and activate the stereo to play the preprogrammed party playlist. However the dimmers, sensors and relays needed to operate, trigger and control this technology were soon unearthed as a possibility for other associated benefits.

How Can Smart Technology Save Money

Movement sensors to dim and switch on or off lighting may have been developed as a way of impressing your guests but they have practical uses too. A sensor that can pick up when anybody leaves a room and has been programmed to turn off the lights can save energy. The same sensor that can turn on the lights when somebody enters the room can also be a great security device. Time switches that operate temperature control will also aid energy costs and can be used to warm or cool a room in preparation of when you come home from work. Relays that can turn on motors to close or open blinds will protect your home from the sun’s rays or keep in warm air. More or less anything that you can switch on or off by use of a relay can be controlled, and with the right software this can be done remotely via internet connection or by a preprogrammed sequence of events. Companies such as Kunini who operate in Pattaya, Hua Hin and Bangkok are very familiar with this sort of technology. Kunini are experts in installing and giving advice on things like Solar Panels and Solar PV and will deliver technology that will give you not only greener power but also cheaper energy. When choosing your next home think and research what sort of technology is available, demand more control from your living space that can both make your life more comfortable and will reduce your energy bills. Not only does this technology provide all the benefits discussed, it will also contribute to a greener more sustainable planet.