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September 24, 2017
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Love Art Park – Pattaya Attractions

One of the great advantages of the Global Top Group hand picking where their developments are located, is that local amenities and attractions are at the forefront of their selection process. Pattaya has many attractions and events that tourists travel far and wide to come and see, the list is very extensive and every manner of attraction is available. From top cabaret shows to theme parks, Pattaya has it all. In this blog we take a look at one of the more unusual Parks in southeast Asia, Love Art Park.

Love Art Park

Love Art Park is an adults outdoor art gallery featuring erotic body sculptures and installations all situated in a beautiful setting. The exhibits have been created by professional artists, they depict their sculptures of the human form with wit and humour but always erotically. One of the best times to visit Love Art Park is at night, when the whole Park is transformed by the use of lighting, music, water features and of course the unique sculptures.

Love Art Park Location

Love Art Park is situated only 20 mins from Downtown Pattaya, and the park is situated in an expansive 50,000 square metres of land. Throughout the park there are amazing landscapes, water features with fountains, and a paved walkway to direct you around the exhibitions. This all forms a superb backdrop to the main event of the Park which of course are the wonderful sculptures.

Their Goal

Love Art Park has a real goal, and that is to find new and upcoming artists that will build upon the current foundation already established. Thus creating a World Class art park by a targeted extra 50 sculptures. The Park is therefore somewhat still under construction, with an indoor art gallery, concert hall, cafeteria and an art shop all planned to be built.

The Sculptures

All the present sculptures are made by a Korean collaboration of artists, and their quality and detail is both lifelike and thought attracting. Although the theme of the sculptures is eroticism, it is definitely art without a shadow of a doubt. Thus children can appreciate the forms and the humour also. In fact Love Art Park offers a Summer Camp for children where the kids can learn all about clay sculpture with professional artists.

Other Attractions

Other attractions to add even more fun to your visit are: the live cafe, the restaurant, a childcare center, a video arcade, a conference room as well as a convention centre. Imagine holding your exhibition or business meeting in such an eclectic and bohemian setting. It is bound to bring an x-factor to any conference. Love Art Park is a unique experience, and one that should be definitely be visited. There is no place quite like it in Thailand and it expands the ever growing artistic side of Pattaya. For those looking to live in this thriving community, then Global Top Group has many exciting developments and luxurious condos to fit all tastes. Simply contact their sales team today to see what they have on offer.