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Koh Larn
September 24, 2017
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September 24, 2017
Koh Larn

Koh Sak

Continuing our blog series about the Islands around Pattaya, this time we focus on Koh Sak. Unlike its bigger brother Koh Larn only about 500m away, there are no permanent settlements on Koh Sak and visitors just come for the day. Two types of tourist favour Koh Sak, the beach dweller and the diver. The beaches are absolutely gorgeous with pristine white sand and line the inside of the U-shaped bay formed by the island. There is a restaurant and sun beds are available, but water sports are limited and life here is much quieter and less crowded than Koh Lahn. The snorkelers and divers love Koh Sak as the water is crystal clear and after midday and onwards most tourists leave and the waters are left for the divers.

Getting There

There is no direct ferry to Koh Sak, so if you are not on a charter tourist tour from one of the yacht operators then the only way to get there is by speedboat. The cost is around 2000 Baht one way, but the boat can accommodate around ten people. There are no docking facilities available on the island so be prepared to wade through the water on arrival and departure.

Diving on Koh Sak

Because of the natural U-shape of the island the bay is well protected from the prevailing winds, and the water is calm and beautifully clear. There are many dive sites, most being around the 3-15 meters range although on the east coast there are deeper corals down at 25 meters. The northeast corner begins with impeccable white sand that progresses to the usual range of hard corals as you approach the island. This corner is home to Hawksbill Turtles as well as many Bamboo Sharks. As you progress around the corner the depth increases and the waters abound with Whip Corals, Barrel Sponges some Soft Corals and Gorgonian Fans. A point of great interest to many divers is found directly off the small cliff face about 100 meters out at a depth of 25 meters. The site has Soft Corals and Hydroids on a flat sandy bottom and is home to Sea Horses, Pipe Fish and Dragon Fish.

The Treasures of Koh Sak

Diving in the warm waters of Koh Sak there is a bountiful supply of beautiful things to see including: Europegasus Draconis, E Volitans, Sea Horses, Pipe Fish, Short Spined Urchins, Star Fish Tube and Banded Tube Anemones, Flat Fish, Spider Crabs, Juvenile Octopus and Periclimes Shrimp, Boulder Bommies and Tiered Staghorn. The marine life is also stunning with common sightings being: Damsels, Banana fish, Copper Banded Butterflies, Bantayan Butterflies, Wrasses, Puffers, Squirrels, Jacks, Fusiliers and Turtles, Bamboo Sharks, Morays and Blue Spotted Stingrays. It is hardly surprising that Koh Sak is popular with divers and tourists alike. Many of the Global Top Group’s residents regularly take advantage of Koh Sak and the other many beautiful islands off the Pattaya coast.