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October 16, 2017
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October 16, 2017

Keeping Fit in Pattaya

No matter where you are in Pattaya there is no excuse for not keeping fit and working out. Compared to gyms back at home in Europe and the USA, Pattaya’s gyms are really cheap to join and their opening hours are often 24/7.


If you are fortunate enough to live in one of the exquisitely equipped developments by the Global Top Group then chances are you will have access to a modern and fully equipped gym and fitness centre.


But if you are not living in a modern condominium then what options do you have?

Gymnasiums In Pattaya

Pattaya has more fitness centres and gyms than almost any other place in Thailand. Because of its large retired community and the many tourists in the city, the demand for working out is high.


There are even free gyms dotted about if you look hard enough, but most of these are for local workers that are happy to exercise on static equipment either on the beach or on pieces of waste land.


Many of the top hotels in the city allow non residents to pay and access their facilities, but these are often expensive, the upside is that they are well equipped and normally have a swimming pool.

Private Gyms

The plethora of private recreational businesses around Pattaya is quite staggering, there are many gyms touting for members and competing against each other for your business.


Many of them will offer an assortment of classes for their members to sign up for, which range from: spinning, zumba, pilates, cardio, muay thai, yoga, martial arts, and just about any other fitness related activity.


A word of caution, some of the cheaper gyms do not have trained fitness professionals in attendance. If you are familiar how to use the equipment properly this is not a problem, but exercising incorrectly can do more damage than not exercising at all.

Pattaya Gyms

Some of the best and well known gyms in Pattaya are:


  • Tony’s Fitness Group – Tony’s gyms are a familiar sight all over the city, they offer basic facilities often with old equipment. The attraction of Tony’s gyms is that there are by far the cheapest gymnasiums in Pattaya, and often life memberships are for a snip of the price of anywhere else. Also there are many of them dotted about town and some memberships allow use of all outlets.


  • Bear Gym – Bear Gym is really for people who want to develop muscle and weight train. Bear Gym has discount offers on membership and has knowledgeable staff that will help you train correctly.


  • Fairtex Pattaya Sports Club – Fairtex is pricy but it is an entire complex that also includes a hotel. The gym includes cardio machines, treadmills, bikes, and elliptical and the weight room has a good selection of free weights and machines.


These gyms are just a glimpse of what is available in Pattaya, the best advice if you are seeking something in particular is to take your time, go and visit as many facilities as you can, then wait for a membership deal.