Our promotions

We want to offer our customers something special to combine with the condominium of their choosing. Please pick from one of the promotions below and contact our online team; we will send you your promotion code and voucher.


Return on your Investment

As our Customer, you always come first, at Global Top Group we constantly thinking about our promotions to cater for everyone’s needs, we are now offering you 7% a year Guaranteed Rental return for a period of 2 years on our Amazing Olympus City Garden Project, including a Luxury free furniture package also with electrical appliances on the Barcelona building.

Management of your Condominium

We offer you total Management, once you have selected your condominium at our Luxury City Garden Tropicana Development, and your purchase is complete, just sit back and enjoy a healthy guaranteed Rental return of 7% a year for a 2-year period. Whether you stay in Thailand or just visit, Global Top Group we will maintain and take care of your investment.

Discount off the price

As a token of our appreciation for dealing with us directly at Global Top Group, we offer discounts on all our Pattaya condominiums for both existing and new customers. The discount varies from project to project, but it is anywhere between 50,000 to 100,000 THB! In some instances, this is up to 5% off the purchase price.

Free designer furniture package

We appreciate that after you purchase your property in Pattaya, the last thing you want is the worry of furnishing your condominium. Global Top Group are proud to provide a package that offers only tasteful and top-quality furnishings carefully chosen by our trendy design team. Alternatively, you could choose your own furniture and build a bespoke package that suits your tastes.

Pay from as little as 5% and move in

We are passionate about building the best property in Pattaya, but we are just as passionate about assisting our customers in moving in to their condominium of choice. This type of promotion is ideal for those who want to move to Thailand from overseas, but are still selling their assets in their home country, or for those who are working and are able to obtain their financing from a bank.

Pattaya Property Tour

Property in Pattaya has proven its high return on investment (ROI) during the last two decades. We appreciate that any type of investment opportunity should be carefully considered by any investor – this can be challenging, especially if an investor is not aware of or accustomed to a given area.

Global Top Group is therefore proud to present the Property Tour Program. A one of a kind opportunity for anyone who wants to invest in Pattaya, irrespective of whether you are buying a Pattaya condominium to live in or to rent out.

This VIP tour is for 3 days/2 nights and includes a round-trip airline ticket, a round-trip transfer from the airport and a stay at a 4 star hotel with breakfast and lunch. You could also combine it into your holiday if you wanted to stay longer.

Our tour offers you the opportunity to visit Pattaya and become acquainted with the city and the projects of Global Top Group. We will introduce you to the Pattaya property market and provide professional insight into the ways in which you can generate a generous ROI.

We will show you our projects from off-plan to completed, so you can see for yourself the quality of construction and finishing of each and every one. We will also advise on whether or not your chosen Pattaya condominium will meet your demands and needs.

It’s not all work and no play. Our private tour provides plenty of time to see the sights of Pattaya and the hottest tourist attractions. You will appreciate why Pattaya is experiencing exponential growth and why it is the ideal time to invest.

Global Top Group’s Pattaya Property Tour. Designed so you can make the smart choice in your investment.

From time to time we change our current promotions. If there isn’t anything that appeals to you now, please check back soon.