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Gold In Thailand

A number of mineral deposits have been found in Thailand, amongst them are tungsten, tin, tantalum, gold, iron, lead and zinc.


Tin and Tungsten have been regarded as the main mineral deposits of the country although gold has been found in Thailand for many centuries. Having said that only a few mines actually were formed to actually extract it from bedrock.


Recently several potential gold areas have been discovered and are being investigated in the Loei, Prachin Buri and Pichit provinces. In fact the only areas in Thailand where gold deposits have not been found are the Lower Chao Phraya Basin and the Northeast Plateau.


Therefore it might not come as a surprise that a company resides in Pattaya that refines gold, silver and other precious metals.

Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair

Bangkok has long been recognised as an international gems and jewelry hub. And the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair is an important global trade fair that takes place in February and September.


Categories include, gold, silver, jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones and loose stones for the industry.


The Thai gems and jewelry industry is regarded as the third largest foreign income earner for the country. Thai craftsmen are considered the best cutters in the world and are also the experts in heat treatment of very expensive rubies and sapphires.

Arezzo Refinery Co Ltd

Established eight years ago, the Italian partners who own Arezzo have bought their thirty years of experience in the refinery business to Thailand.


The Italian town of Arezzo is the country’s epicentre of the jewel and gold manufacturing industry for hundreds of years.


Arezzo basically recover, recycle, refine and trade gold and silver. The refinery focuses their whole business on customer demand.


Their services include gold, silver refining and rhodium and palladium recovering. As well as recycling old jewellery with precious and semi-precious gem recovery, they refine from scraps, silverware and cutlery.


Gold Mining in Thailand

To all intents and purposes, gold mining has been halted with the suspension of the Kingdom’s largest mine earlier this year.


However, if the future price of gold is expected to grow at a fast rate, then it is probably better not to mine the gold at present and wait for its value to rise.


Since the current growth value of gold is at a similar rate to that of risk-free investment, there is no real economic reason for Thailand to mine today.


Visitors to Pattaya can take full advantage of Arezzo Refineries services, and if you are thinking of renting a property whilst you are staying in Pattaya then contact the Global Top Group who have some terrific rental real estate for both long and short term.