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Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly Transport Around Pattaya

Being eco-friendly in the ways we live our lives not just helps the environment but also can be a great way to save money. Many property developers such as The Global Top Group are investigating ways and means how to engage their businesses in an eco-friendly manner. This takes into account using user friendly materials and methods of construction that are sustainable and are also environmentally friendly. Your individual carbon footprint is important, how you dispose of rubbish, how you travel about, how much power you consume, what kind of abode you live in, all these factors contribute to the planet and its good health. One of the most polluting activities that you regularly take part in is how you travel about to work and at your leisure.

Travel In Pattaya

The vast majority of people use cars or motorbikes to get around the city, which is without doubt one of the most polluting ways of getting about. At least if you are going to travel by gasoline guzzling forms of transport, go by Songthaew so you share your footprint. Of course pedal bike or walking is the lowest form of pollution but obviously that is sometimes impracticable during the hottest part of the day.

Venture Bike Shop

A new company has hit the streets of Pattaya offering a solution. Venture Bike Hire now offer a selection of bikes that are both economical and good for the environment, thus giving you a win win situation. You can dart about town, keeping healthy with the added bonus of saving money. As well as offering racing bikes, mountain bikes, beach cruisers, folding bikes and city bikes there is a unique E Bike Service which will carry out installation and repair of electric conversion kits.

Venture E Bike

Venture’s latest range of E Bike involves a 1,500 Watt rear hub motor fitted to a Fat tyre bike. The bike is capable of reaching up to speeds of 56km/h. The benefits of the E Bike is that it is far cheaper to run than a motorcycle, you save on insurances and tax, there is no licence required, low maintenance, easy and comfortable for local travel, and distance limits of 70km.

Rent or Buy

Venture offer rental service as well as selling the cycles, this is ideal as it gives you an opportunity to first rent the bike to see if you like it. The E Bike does use fuel, but of course is non pollutant so is friendly to the environment and far cheaper than a scooter. The pedal power cycles are the best selection in about every way. Cycling is perfect exercise especially for cardio related conditions, there is no fuel required and getting around by bike is just as quick around the congested roads than any other form of transport. Travelling around in an eco-manner is an all out winner, if you are lucky enough to live in a city centre condo location , then all you need is pedal power. Parking is no longer a problem and whizzing down one way routes not a problem.