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October 18, 2017
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Clinics In Pattaya

Healthcare in Pattaya generally is excellent and compared to western countries relatively inexpensive. Prices for dental care, eye surgery or cosmetic surgery, are at a fraction of what clinics would charge in Europe or America. The growth in medical tourism in Thailand and other southeast countries has been growing continuously. Pattaya has a host of private hospitals and clinics as well as state-run institutions. The beauty of the city developments by the Global Top Group, such as Olympus City Garden, City Garden Tower, City Garden Tropicana all have the advantage of being very close to good medical care.

Medical Clinics

The standard of medical clinics in Pattaya on the whole is excellent, and the facility of patients being able to walk in off the street and receive immediate care is something really unusual to the foreign visitor.


Over the past five years the standard of the clinics in the seaside resort has improved vastly, and some now are almost like mini-hospitals.


Some of the most popular are:


  • Chanya Clinic Jomtien
  • General Medical Clinic
  • Dr Jomtien Clinic
  • Dr Olivier Clinic
  • Dr Sawaddipong Clinic


General Medical Clinic

The General Medical Clinic Pattaya is not just a clinic it is a small hospital and they offer a 24hr service. Their doctors and medical staff sleep on the premises and are always available for patients.


Their services include: Abdomen Ultrasound, EKG, Blood Tests, Ultrasound Therapy, Minor Surgery, Minor Accident Treatment, Anti Aging Therapy and Food Supplement Advice.


The General Medical Clinic is centrally located, just across Sukhumvit Road opposite Central Pattaya Road and has its own car park for patients convenience.


Fast Patient Care

Although the majority of these medical clinics in Pattaya are privately owned and not state-run, prices are very reasonable.


The advantage of these small medical centres is that the patient care is almost immediate. Anybody can walk in off the street and have a doctor’s consultation within minutes. Although if not an emergency it can be a good idea to book an appointment beforehand to ensure you are not waiting if the clinic is busy.


Medical care in Pattaya on the whole is excellent, even the state-run hospitals and clinics offer fabulous medical care although normally they are more crowded.


If you have medical insurance or the finance, then you can take full advantage of the excellent service and medical care that is offered at these establishments. No longer do patients have to suffer pain before waiting to be consulted or treated.


Also if the condition is serious, then the clinic’s consultant can refer you straight away to a hospital so that treatment can be sought sooner rather than later. Conditions like strokes, time is of serious importance, and a fast diagnosis can often save lives.