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Cinemas in Pattaya

Cinemas In Pattaya

One of the biggest things that differentiates Pattaya from the other tourist seaside towns in Thailand is the abundance of amenities at hand for residents and tourists alike. The Global Top Group has seen an upsurge in demand for more “city living” accommodation, and has extended their condominium locations to reflect this. Because of the nature of some the investors who buy property in Pattaya, a new desire for easy access to restaurants, shopping and to leisure activities such as cinemas, is growing rapidly. Pattaya actually has three multi-screen cinemas, that show blockbuster movies both in Thai as well as English. There is an S.F.Cinema, a S.F.X Cinema and a Major Cineplex Cinema.


Located at the recently re-developed Big C in North Pattaya, the now Central Marina Pattaya S.F.Cinema was Pattaya’s first movie theatre. With ten screens there is always a wide range of current and favourite films to choose from. The new Central Marina offers the moviegoer a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. Fans of the big screen can either enjoy a quick lunch before a matinee, or a relaxing dinner then an evening performance. Choices include, Thai, Pizza and Steak amongst others. One of the biggest problems of the old Big C was trying to find a parking space, but a new three level car park now exists to provide ample car and motor bike parking.

Major Cineplex

The Major Cineplex is situated on Pattaya Second Road at the Avenue shopping mall. This cinema has long been a favourite for many residents and expats as it is probably the most convenient cinema to get to in the city, the Avenue can also be accessed via Soi Buakhao at the rear. There is also ample multi-level parking which is free if you are visiting the cinema, just remember to get your parking ticket stamped. The eight screen Major Cineplex cinema has a rather peculiar ticket buying procedure, which is meant to cut down queues but really adds confusion. However, it is normally far quieter than the other two cinemas and there is always room to take a seat

S.F.X. Cinema

The biggest and most glitzy of Pattaya’s cinemas is by far the S.F.X at Central Festival on Pattaya Beach Road. With fourteen screens, and the excellent First Class and Porch options, S.F.X has everything for the movie buff. Central Festival brings many advantages, including a whole floor of dining options including a separate Food Hall on the ground floor. There are many cafes, fast food outlets, ice cream parlours to while away a leisurely few minutes before showtime. First Class is a top option for those who like pampering, for a set fee including ticket, you can have access to the air conditioned lounge and take advantage of complimentary drinks and food. The Porch adds another dimension to cinema entertainment, the limited seating is either in the form of round couches or upholstered chaise lounges. Sit back and enjoy the movie with a complimentary cocktail and nibbles. At evening performances the wall curtain is drawn back to reveal the twinkling lights of Pattaya. Pattaya’s cinemas add yet another dimension for both tourist and resident, and are an essential part of the city’s entertainment scene.