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October 18, 2017
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Buying To Let – Interior Decor May Make The Difference

If you are looking to buy to rent as an investment, areas of Thailand especially Bangkok and Pattaya are perfect destinations to put your money into.


Because of the uncertain financial markets in some countries, many condo units are currently available for purchase at this moment in time. Although land prices are soaring in certain areas of Thailand there is somewhat of a glut of available real estate condo accommodation being offered with large discounts and special deals.


Competition in the market to rent out condos to expats has been increasing as the supply in preferred expat locations rises and the growth rate in the number of expat slows.


With more owners looking to rent out their units, interior decoration may help to give a competitive edge, making your unit more attractive than others in the same building.

Developer Units

Developers usually hand over fitted but not furnished properties, even though nearly all buy to rent clients require fully furnished units to let out.


Most developers will offer fitted bathrooms and kitchens together with some white goods and a flat screen TV.


There is a number of the more quality end developers who are now offering furniture packages as part of the overall purchasing package. Some investors are now preferring to bolt on a luxury furniture package rather than take a discount on the unit price. This way the furniture cost can be included in a mortgage finance package.

Furniture Packages

Owners wish to appeal to as great a number of potential clients as possible. Decor should be attractive to as many nationalities as it can, similar to hotel rooms. As standard a bed, a dining set, a living room set with sofa, an armchair with coffee table should be included with a condo for rent.


The furniture most suitable should be durable more than anything else, and nothing out of the ordinary. If you select weird designs or garish colours that you may like, it is a fair bet that it will not attract the majority. Remember your personal taste may not be everybody else’s.


There is a rule of thumb that soft furnishings should be replaced every three years, especially if it has been used daily by a sitting tenant. Tenants are notoriously neglectful of possessions they they do not actually own, and do not take as much care over the items.



Renting Out Your Unit

Make your unit as attractive as possible to any prospects, presentation is essential and needless to say the unit should be spotless.


Owners may also wish to consider providing linen and a set of basic crockery, cutlery and glassware. And when showing potential tenants around the property, beds should be made up and the dining table laid for dinner. Why do you think developer’s sales offices are fully decorated and furnished?


Decoration and furnishing can give individual owners a unique selling point when they want to lease out their properties.


Global Top are now currently offering luxury furniture packages with many of their developments, now is the perfect time for buy-to-rent investors to find their perfect investment for the future.