Top Attractions in Pattaya - Pattaya Sheep Farm

One of Pattaya’s most endearing features are the number of diverse attractions and shows in and around the city. It seems as though every month yet a new tourist attraction opens, with a different theme and even more extravagant features. One such place ...

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Thailand’s GDP Is Expected To Grow In 2017

As we have now well and truly entered 2017 the implications on the Pattaya Real Estate Market from Thailand’s GDP is well worth evaluating. Although the property market in the kingdom does rely heavily how the country is faring from its economic recovery, Pa ...

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Is Pattaya Set to Become The Future Prime Locale For Real Estate?

Pattaya City Hall has set targets for the city’s expansion and to be a major tourism hub in the eastern zone of Thailand. Major government investments have underpinned these growth targets and has given optimism to the real estate, retail and tourist segment ...

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