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October 16, 2017
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Auction Houses In Pattaya

If you are buying or selling personal possessions or even property, one way to do it is through an auction house.


An auction house is often a very fast way to sell what you need, and if the auctioneer is good at his job the price achieved can often be a great surprise.


Of course an auction is not only a good way to sell, but it can be a fun way to shop for items to buy. There is a skill to bidding at an auction and many punters love the chase of the game.


Pattaya has some really good auction houses that sell all and everything under the sun. Including: property, cars, jewelry, furniture,  white goods, clothing, motorbikes, musical instruments, and so on.


Some auction houses specialise in one field, and others have particular days for certain items. For instance Mondays is furniture, Tuesdays musical instruments, Wednesdays property etc.


It must be noted however, that if you are considering buying or selling a condo or house then a specialist property auction is only the real option. However, even this is considerably risky unless you know how to go about it, and set a reserve price.

Pattaya Auction Houses

The auction houses in Pattaya are professional and have good reputations, they will market and sell your goods for a commission which is an agreed percentage of the selling price.


  • BID 36 – is a newly formed auction house in Pattaya close to Highway 36. A brand new warehouse has been fitted out with the latest equipment and display furniture to give buyers and sellers a premium experience. The lots are mixed and many are from the UK.


  • Collingbourne Auctioneers – the first and longest established auction house in Pattaya. General auctions are held on Saturdays with a Motor auction on Wednesdays. Bidding is easy, just register prior to the auction and put your hand up to bid. Items not sold at auction can be bought after the auction or during the week.


  • Pattaya Salesrooms – founded eight years ago, offer a weekly flagship auction every Wednesday. The sale catalogue is published on their website on Monday afternoon prior to auction day. They also offer first-class services in identification, valuation, cataloguing and hassle free settlement.


  • Pattaya Property Auctions – specialising in property, buyers can bid in person or by book. Buyers pay either a pre reserved price or 50,000 baht higher than the last bid, subject that your book bid is higher. Then you have 7 days to pay a 10% deposit and another 30 days to complete your payments.


If you do not have the confidence in an auction house selling your condo or property, then perhaps you should go down more traditional routes. Many developers such as the Global Top Group, have specialist departments that handle resales and have dedicated staff who know the real estate market inside out.


Auctions can be a fun and valid way of either selling or buying, and often many bargains can be scooped up. Just be aware that commissions have to be paid and this could affect your profit somewhat.