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Are You Properly Insured

Are you living in Asia as a Westerner? Do you find it hard to understand the customs and rules and regulations? Living in any foreign country has its difficulties, just to be understood and to find your way about can be a nightmare at first. The last thing that is on your mind is if you have sufficient insurance cover. But if you were back home, this type of thinking would be second nature and in some cases compulsory by law. So why is it when you begin to start living in a foreign country this thought process goes out of the window? If anything your insurance needs have actually gone up, and the cover and state benefits you were entitled to back home, simply don’t exist in Thailand.

Insurances Needed In Thailand

Medical Medical insurance is one of the most important covers that you need living in Thailand. There is no national health in Thailand for foreigners, if you are in an accident or fall ill then it is up to you to pay. That includes everything from the ambulance, treatment, drugs, hospital bed and anything else you can possibly think of. Home Insurance Having finally bought your new condominium you should think of a flexible building and home contents cover with protection for high value items. Also whether you live a city center condominium or a beach villa, basic fire insurance may not be sufficient for your needs. This type of insurance is for owners of all types of homes who want home contents, building and personal protection coverage, such as personal liability and even personal medical payment. Travel Insurance Moving to a new continent many people decide to travel and explore the neighbouring countries. Losing your passport, credit cards, travel documents etc. is a serious event. Replacing a lost passport for instance is far more difficult in Thailand than it would be in a European affiliate country. Travel and personal possessions insurance is mandatory, and not a second thought that you may lose your luggage. Motor Insurance The CMI (Compulsory Motor Insurance) in Thailand is fairly limited and may not fully protect you. It can be purchased from the local Department of Land Transport Office, and covers passengers in your car and third party liability, which means injury to other drivers and their passengers, up to the limit prescribed by Thai law. However, it will not pay for damage to your vehicle, loss of use and other expenses. For peace of mind you will want to buy additional voluntary motor insurance from a recognised broker or company. Pattaya has some excellent insurance agents, one of them is Macallan Insurance Brokerage which is a high quality insurance business and when a claim occurs they are only too happy to provide hands-on assistance and advice to any claimant. A good piece of advice is to talk to your condominium developer. Companies such as the Global Top Group have a team of experts that know everything about living in Thailand. From legal obligations concerning visas, to things like insurance, and of course buying a home in Pattaya.