For over three decades, Global Top Group has delivered outstanding developments worldwide and is appreciated as a reliable and reputable partner for Pattaya real estate investment. We source long-lasting relations with local and international specialists to strengthen our network of leading professionals in property development, and with our understanding of Thai regulations and laws as well as the local area, we are able to offer our investors unique insight into the Pattaya property market. Our investors nationalities include American, Chinese, European, Russian and Thai, and we are truly honored to have different and diverse cultures trust us with their property investment plans.

We create Pattaya condominiums that target all audiences. Global Top Group brings to bear some of the best-selling and most beautiful projects by using building materials and techniques that comply with current EU and US standards. We also offer aftersales services such as maintenance and rental management to ensure that our investors’ condominiums are constantly maintained and rented out throughout the year. This means that our investors can choose from a fantastic range of investment opportunities and then rest-assured that their chosen Pattaya condominium will have a high return on investment (ROI) whether through appreciation, rental or both.

The influx of international developers truly redefined the dynamics of the Pattaya property market. They brought with them their knowledge and skills in designing and developing projects that not only included a vast amount of amenities, but also the modern conveniences to which westerners are accustomed. This set the standards very high, and although the cost of labor and materials continues to rise, it remains cheap in comparison to Western countries. This means that a Pattaya condominium can be built to the highest of standards, yet to an affordable price point.

A safe and secure investment which is worry-free, is one of our priorities. For investors to feel truly safe, secure and worry-free with their purchase, a Pattaya property developer should demonstrate a reliable track record of delivered projects and due diligence towards their customers; we are proud to provide on both fronts. At Global Top Group we are always researching past and present trends, and this in turn allows us to determine the demands and needs of the Pattaya real estate market far into the future. Our investors can be confident that we have their best interests at heart.


Many reasons make Pattaya the ideal investment choice. From a fantastic location and alluring weather to world-famous beaches and appetizing foods, Pattaya has something for everyone. But beyond this, Pattaya offers an outstanding infrastructure of roads and utilities as well as convenient connections to Bangkok and Suvarnabhumi - the international airport that is the hub between Europe, the rest of Asia and Australasia.

Pattaya sees a stream of tourists annually. Year on year tourism to Pattaya increases and according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), it shows no signs of slowing down. This translates to a steady source of buyers and renters for Pattaya condominiums and in turn acts as a solid source of income for investors, whether they bought to rent or resell.

Because of the boom in Pattaya property, there has been a boom in property developers. There are companies that claim an ROI of 10 to 15 percent per annum, and although our investors occasionally achieve such returns, it is the exception and not the rule across the industry. Our investors always enjoy a more reserved and realistic ROI of 7 to 9 percent per annum.

Global Top Group offers their customers the best service and support so they know they have invested with the best Pattaya property developer.