Buying property in Pattaya is easier if you have a reliable and reputable company with you every step of the way. Whether you are buying to live or to rent, Global Top Group offers a leading sales and support service that offers a holistic approach for our international and national buyers.

Can I purchase a condominium?

Another often overlooked advantage of purchasing off-plan is that you can customize your chosen Pattaya condominium by working closely with a property developer s design personnel; your investment is tailored to your demands and needs. This customisation combined with flexible finance makes purchasing off-plan an attractive proposition.

Can I purchase freehold and/or leasehold?

You are able to purchase property in Pattaya under leasehold. Usually, the leases are limited in their term and valuations are lower than freehold. Global Top Group specializes in freehold condominiums in Pattaya because we believe it provides the purchaser with a safe and secure investment.

Can I purchase a house or land?

Usually, you are not able to purchase property in Pattaya that is landed, i.e. houses, townhouses, commercial or industrial land.

How can I purchase a condominium?

You can purchase a Pattaya condominium either directly from a developer or indirectly via an agent. Condominiums in Pattaya are purchasable either before or after they are completed. Buying a property off-plan offers the lowest price with the price increasing as it comes to completion.

After you choose your Pattaya condominium, we would request that you sign a reservation agreement. 2 – 4 weeks thereafter, the Purchase and Sale Agreement would be signed by both the buyer and the seller; this includes the payment schedule and any special terms.

Payments are made as per the payment schedule. After the buyer inspects the property and the final payment is processed, the ownership of the property transfers from Global Top Group to the buyer at the Land Department.