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September 24, 2017
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September 24, 2017

7% Rental Guarantees

The Global Top Group is extending their 7% Rental Guarantee Scheme out to many of their top developments in Pattaya.


One such development offering the fantastic rental guarantee offer is Olympus City Garden in the very heart of Pattaya.


The forward looking developer is offering a 7% rental guarantee for a period of two years is you purchase one of Olympic City Garden’s units today. This offer is considerable if you take into account who is offering the deal.


The Global Top Group is one of the most respected real estate developers on the eastern seaboard. Their projects and developments are highly sought after as they offer superb quality, futuristic designs and building techniques and the best possible locations.

The Perfect Investment

Why not buy as an investment? With Global Top offering a guaranteed 7% rental investment for two years, your investment is hardly a gamble.


And if you wish to make this sort of investment then the Global Top Group are there to help, in renting or reselling your unit at a later date should you wish to cash in on your profits.


Global Top also offers rental management services in the projects you but from them, this is for a lifetime at zero percent interest.


Global Top also have a department designated for the reselling of your property. Part of the package is a management service for cleaning and day to day running of your apartment, from customer move-in laundry and cleaning to keeping you updated on rentals and transferring all fees. (There is a service charge for this at 10%)

Funding Your Investment

Global Top have a two year payment proposal to offer all clients, basically you have twenty four months to pay in full for your apartment.


If during this time you wish to change your Payment Plan for different installments this is also possible.


The company has been providing top-quality properties and unparalleled service to homebuyers and investors alike for thirty five years.


So take sound investment advice from the professionals, contact Global Top today and realise your dreams for the future.